Next Gen Agent Case Merge

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Note: This article refers to a Next Gen Agent console feature. Go here to read the Classic Agent Case Merge knowledge article. Merging Cases is available only for Email Cases. Other Channels do not support Case merging.

How often does this happen? One customer emails two similar queries in rapid succession that become two separate cases in Desk, even though it's really one case for the support team to handle. This leads to multiple agents doing redundant work on one case and results in a major efficiency loss.

This agent scenario also has repercussions in support center management.

Since support team managers measure their success on metrics such as caseload and case handling time, they need accurate case data for resource allocation and forecasting. Such accuracy is lost with case redundancy.

Next Gen Case Merge is a subtle but powerful Desk feature that helps circumvent these problems.

Let's see how it works. You can watch the video, or read this knowledge article.

A couple of important notes: 

  • Case merging cannot be undone

  • Only email cases can be merged with other email cases. 
  • Only two cases can be merged at the same time 
  • Only cases from the same customer email can be merged

Performing a Case Merge

  1. Log into your account and go to the Next Gen Agent console. Open a case.

  1. Look at the customer's history by clicking on on the word 'Customer' towards the top left next to the case tab. 

Note: Case Merge is channel-specific, meaning, for example, it isn't possible to merge a phone case with an email case. Also, cases from different customers cannot be merged.
  1. Identify a case you want to merge from the list. In the Case Action Column, open the Case Actions window and select 'Merge with Case.'

  1. The Merge Cases pop-up window will open, displaying the two cases two be merged.

  1. If the cases were assigned to different groups we can reassign them here. We also have the option to assign either one of the subject lines to the merged case.
  2. Next, click 'Complete Merge.'
  3. The newly merged case will contain both customer emails in their chronological order along with the desired group assignment and subject heading.
You're done!