Integrating with SalesforceIQ

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Note: This integration is available to all Pro Plan and Business Plus Plan customers. To receive access to this feature today, please send an email to and request access.

Check out Integrating with SaleforceIQ at our Video Support page! can be integrated with SalesforceIQ, bringing Relationship Intelligence right to the Agent's fingertips. 

SalesforceIQ leverages customer data, which provides insights into future outcomes and recommends actions to build stronger customer relationships.

Integrating with SalesforceIQ brings the power of data science to your entire support team and setup takes just a few minutes.

Enabling the Integration

  1. To begin the integration, log into your SalesforceIQ account and navigate to the Admin panel.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Click 'Integrations.'
  2. Under Create Direct Integration, click 'Send SalesforceIQ data to'

  1. In the SalesforceIQ Data in window, enter your site address.

  1. Copy the API Key  and API Secret.
  2. Click 'Save and Open'
  3. Now you will be taken to the SalesforceIQ settings page in your account.

  1. Paste the API Key and API Secret that you just copied from SalesforceIQ.
  2. Beneath the API Key and Secret are the SalesforceIQ Lists and Fields you can display to your agents in
  3. Make your selections and click 'Save.'
  4. Navigate to the NextGen Agent desktop.
  5. Open a case.

  1. If the same email address exists in both and SalesforceIQ, will pull in all of your selected List and Field data from SalesforceIQ.