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(Note, this article pertains to Desk.com's old Business Insights which is being phased out and replaced with the New Business Insights)

Business Insights is Desk.com’s powerful reporting tool that summarizes case activity to give you an understanding of your agent’s performance and the types of cases your customers are submitting. You can access Business Insights by selecting it from the upper right hand corner of your screen.

What will I find in this article?


This article will guide you to information on:


  1. Understanding the Dashboard
  2. Using Different Report Types
  3. Learning Business Insights Terminology


Understanding the Dashboard

Business Insights gives you a Dashboard which summarizes statistics about the performance of your support team, your case volume, and the why and how your customers are contacting you. You can glean valuable information from understanding this Dashboard. Here’s how:

Understanding the Business Insights Dashboard

Learning Business Insights Terminology

The first step in really understanding your reports is to understand the terminology used in both gathering the data for reporting and building those reports. The Metrics glossary defines the metrics used and provides additional detail about these items. You can find it here:


Metrics Glossary 

Using Different Report Types

Business Insights provides you with various styles of reporting on your Case and Agent feature additional metrics about the performance of individual channels or agents within Desk.com. Here’s how:

Understanding Report Types



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