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Welcome to Desk! Now that you're on the right track to providing amazing customer service, let's get you setup. 

This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to get started with Desk. Here, you'll find an index of Desk features to keep you organized throughout the onboarding process. We recommend setting up each feature, as needed, in the order presented here. Following our recommendations you will find all the different resources that are available to help you get setup.

You'll have a fully operational support center in no time!

Setting up your support Team





Add Users to your Desk account.

Admin > Team > Users


Organize Users into Groups. Create custom views and permissions.

Admin > Team > Groups

Setting up your Email Channel




Inbound & Outbound Email

Forward your existing emails into the Desk-provided address and set your Outbound Email address.


Admin > Channels > Email > Inbound Mail

Using Your Own Email Domain

If you're Using Your Own Domain name, we'll walk you through authenticating your mail domain to ensure emails reach your customers.

Admin > Channels > Email > Domain Authentication

Auto Acknowledgement

Let customers know you've received their questions and that answers are on the way.

Admin > Channels > Email > Auto-Acknowledgements

Organization & Automation





Use Filters to organize and assign tickets using case-specific qualifiers (e.g., VIP Customer, Accounts, Customer Feedback).

Admin > Cases > Filters

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be created on the case, customer, or company level. These are great for categorizing.

Admin > Cases > Filters


Use Labels to identify cases in which you need to take action such as following up with a customer.

Admin > Cases > Labels


Notifications keep Agents informed of case activity when they are not logged into Desk.

Admin > Cases > Notifications


Macros maximize Agent efficiency by allowing them to apply multiple actions to a case with one click.

Admin > Cases > Macros

Rules & Case Routing

Rules allow you to automate workflows like Agent assignments for Inbound Interactions or Time Rules.

Admin > Cases > Choose a Rule Type


Setting up Social Channels




Twitter Handle as a channel

Handle Twitter cases created from direct messages, @replies, and mentions.

Admin > Channels > Twitter

Twitter hashtag as a channel

Create cases from relevant tweets about your brand, your product, or phrases and keywords important to your business.

Admin > Channels > Twitter

Facebook as a channel

Connect a Facebook page to create cases from Facebook messages, wall posts, and comments.

Admin > Channels > Facebook

Configuring Facebook settings

Customize your Facebook Settings in Desk.

Admin > Channels > Facebook > Pages

Phone & Chat Channels




Handling Phone cases

Phone cases will only allow your Agents to take notes on the call (Additional settings are required for OpenCTI configurations setup through our partners).

Admin > Channels > Phone

Setting up Chat

Enable routing on your Chat filter so Agents can immediately respond to customer Chats.

Admin > Channels > Chat

Setting up your Support Center




Support center contact information

Follow the navigation path to change the contact information on your support center.

Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Customize Content > Desk.com Default > Contact Us Content

Customizing your support center

Customize the appearance of your support center using simple branding changes in the Web Theme editor.

Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes

Articles & Topics

Organize your support center content into topics and articles.

Admin > Content > Topics and Articles

Creating Knowledge Articles

Create external-facing articles for your customers. Create "hidden" internal articles for your support team

Admin > Content > Topics and Articles

Adding Videos & Images to articles

To add videos to your support center, you need to have scripting enabled (whitelisted). Send an email to support@desk.com to get started.

Admin > Content > Articles

Multi-brand setup

Multi-Brand allows you to have unique Support Centers for each of your brands or products.

Admin > Site Settings and then manage your Company’s Brands through Admin > Channels > Brand Overview

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