Reply Theme Gallery & Code

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If you are looking to a little more style, or strip back your Reply Theme, then you're in the right place. Below you will find some options, along with the code needed to use these in your own Reply Themes that go out to your Customers.

Feel free to use any of them as they are, or to build on top of. These come as they are, so any alterations would need to be completed by your internal web team.

Reply Theme Gallery

Notification Style Reply Theme 
This one will match the Notification Emails Theme that is the Default.

Tidy Design with Extra Info
With this we don't display Gravatars, and it build on the default look, while being very tidy, and easy to read.

Clean and Concise
This theme strips the design back, while keeping it easy to read, and visually pleasing, with touches of color from the Customer and Agent Gravatars.
Gmail Style
This theme mimics a standard email you would send and receive via Gmail. This is perfect for making your support responses look very personal.  

Installation Instructions

  1. Find the design you'd like to use and grab the code from the included GIST link.
  2. Go into Admin > Channels > Emails > Reply Themes > and click Add Theme.
  3. Remove all the code from the HTML section, then paste the code in the GIST and hit Update.
  4. Set this new Theme to be the Default.

Please Note: Some setups may require you to alter or make a Rule in Admin > Cases > Rules > Outbound Interactions, that "Sets Reply Theme" for your new Theme to be sent out to customers.