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Migrating Your Data

We've made it as easy as possible to take your data with you. Take the survey below for a personalized recommendation.

Data to Migrate:


Migrate to a new or existing Salesforce org?

Does your existing Salesforce org have existing account, contact, or case data?

Do you have a developer resource available to assist with your data migration?


Data Export Desk to Salesforce Migration Wizard (aka Migration Tool) Desk to Service Cloud Trial Org Data Loader Partner Engagement

RecommendedData Export is a free CSV export of your Desk data. This option is ideal for customers looking for a fresh, quick start on Service Cloud (no data import), while also preserving data for historical purposes. If you would like a one-time export of your data please reach out to the Desk Support team, via our contact form, when you are ready.

RecommendedDesk to Salesforce Migration Wizard (aka Migration Tool) is a set of two free, open-source App Exchange apps built and managed by the Wow team. Both feature a simple, user friendly UI. While not as robust as other options, the SCMT approach is perfect for migrations to a fresh Salesforce org. It's also completely free with no development resources required. Click here to learn more.

RecommendedDesk to Service Cloud Trial Org is a special trial org of Salesforce designed for Desk customers switching to Service Cloud. It includes various enhancements tailored for Desk customers and is bundled with our Desk to Salesforce Migration Wizard pre-installed. To sign up, click here. To learn more about our Desk to Salesforce Migration Wizard, click here.

RecommendedData Loader is a free data import tool offered by Salesforce. It allows upserting (updating/inserting) CSV data provided by Desk. While the Data Loader doesn't require a dev, it does require a bit of tech savviness. It's a great flexible option for migrating from Desk to Service Cloud.

RecommendedPartner Engagement leverages our network of certified technical partners to migrate your data on your behalf as a one-time paid implementation engagement. This is the ultimate option for flexibility and ease.