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Start your Service Cloud Lightning Journey

Are you a Desk customer ready to transform the way you connect to and support your customers with the next generation of Service Cloud? Start your Service Cloud Lightning Journey from preparation to deployment by following our guided walkthrough below.
To start, let's take a sneak peak of just what’s available by watching our short overview video:

As you move through this journey, we’ll provide you with a great mix of resources, from recommended Trails and Trailmixes, to community groups, guides and webinars covering an array of different areas regarding your planning, migration, implementation and adoption of Service Cloud Lightning for your organization.

So let’s get started by signing up for a free trial so you can play around with all the great features Service Cloud Lightning has to offer. What’s more we’ve customized this trial especially for you, our Desk customers, to give you some of the Desk look and feel and options you are used to; making your setup quick and easy!

When you’re ready, click the Learn More arrow to find out what Service Cloud Lightning is all about!


Here are some further resources we recommend:

  • Check out this great webinar on moving from Desk to Service Cloud
  • Here’s a tailored Service Cloud trial workbook to help you get the best out of your trial