Customizing Case List View

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Did you know that you can customize the way you view your cases in Service Cloud? Here's how!

  1. In the list view, click on the gear icon to open up the List View Controls, then click New.
    *Note that this gear icon is the one below the the “New” case creation button, not the one that takes you to the Setup Menu.

  2. Give your new List View a name. In this example, we will call it “Follow-Up with Customer”. Then, choose if you are the only one to see this list view or if all users should be able to see this list view. Then click Save.
  3. This will open up an editing panel on the right. If you’d like this list view to include all cases and not just the cases owned by you, then click in the Show me: My Cases section and change it to All Cases. Then, click Done.

  4. Now, to add your custom field as a filter, click on Add filter.

  5. Under Field, click on the dropdown to select your custom field, then select the Operator and Value, then click Done. In this example, the the filter is as follows:
    Field: Follow-Up with Customers in:
    Operator: Contains
    Values: all four values: 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks

  6. Click Save, and you are done!

    You will be able to see your list view by clicking on the drop down arrow.