What is a Salesforce Queue?

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What was referred to in Desk as "Groups" is referred to as "Queues" in Salesforce. Queues are used in Salesforce to assign records such as a case or a lead for example to a team or a group of agents.
Very often there will be an "unassigned" Queue set as the default where agents can find new email cases and triage them appropriately by assigning them to another queue or to a specific user in Salesforce. Optionally, email notifications can be sent to the members of the queue when a new case becomes assigned.
A typical example would be to have a "Product Support Tier 1" queue and a "Product Support Tier 2" queue for more advanced cases.
1: In Setup, in the Quick Find Box, types queues to get to your list of queues. Click new to create a new Queue and then assign your agents to it. 

2: Click on the queue name to assign your agents and support objects (The Case)

To learn more please refer to the Salesforce documentation below.