How to Merge cases in Service Cloud

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In we had the ability to merge cases if duplicates were found. At the time this article was published, Service Cloud introduced case merge however it was only a beta as highlighted in the Salesforce Summer '19 release.

Enabling Case Merge in Service Cloud

1. To enable case merge, from Setup and in the Quick Find box, type "Support Settings" then select Support Settings.

2. Click on Edit then check the box for Enable Case Merge (Beta). Click on Save.

3. Next we'll need to add the Merge Case button to our Case Layout.

  • From Setup, select the Object Manager tab > Case > Case Page Layouts > Case Layout.
  • Select the Mobile and Lightning Actions
  • Drag the Merge Cases button into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section then click Save.
4. You can also add the Merge Cases button to your List Views.

  • From the Object Manager select Search Layouts this time.
  • Under Layout, click on the dropdown for List View then Edit.
  • Check the Merge Cases checkbox then Save
We are now ready to start merging cases in Service Cloud.

Merging Cases in Service Cloud

1. From within a case you want to merge, click on the Actions dropdown then select Merge Cases.

2. You can then Search for a specific case number or select additional cases from the List View by clicking on the + button next to the case. Up to 3 cases can be merged at a time.

Since we added the Merge Cases button to the List View we can merge cases from here too. From the List View simply check the checkboxes for the cases you wish to merge then click on the newly added Merge Cases button on the right.

Note: You can merge cases from any List View other than the Recently Viewed list.

3. Once the cases are selected, a comparison of all the field values are presented. Select the appropriate values for the one case that will remain after the merge is completed. 

4. Confirm the merge. You should now have just one case with the values selected in the previous window.

Note: Merged cases cannot be undone just like in