How to create a record type

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In by default , there was not really the concept of a record type but you could have done it with a custom field or label. In Service Cloud, you can create record types to better define the "type" of case and later build workflows around the record type.

To create a record type:

1. Click the large gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Setup.

2. In the Quick Find box type "Object Manager" and hit enter. Select Object Manager.

4. Select Case.

5. Select Record Types and click the New button.

Configure your fields as shown in the screen shot below:

6. Select the record type from the Existing record type drop down. You can use Master if you are not sure what to select.
7. Enter a label, name, description and Support process.
8. Activate the case record type by clicking "Active"
9. Check the "Enable for Profile" checkbox next to the profiles that you with to enable it for.
10. Click the Next button.

11. You can either select the Apply one layout to all profiles and select the layout, or Apply a different layout for each profile and select it individually for each profile. Then click Save.

At this point you can edit the pick lists and values that are available to the layout for the record type.
 Click edit to define which pick list values will show up on the case detail screen for this record type.