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JIRA is an issue tracking software used for software development and project management.

Integrating JIRA with Desk.com creates a cohesive way to track customer reported bugs and customer requested features, while keeping developers, support staffers, and the end user, up-to-date on the status of their issues.

What does it do?

With this integration, the user will be able to:
  • Connect their JIRA account to Desk.com
  • Create a JIRA ticket from a Desk.com case
  • View the linked JIRA ticket in a Desk.com case
  • View the linked Desk.com case in JIRA ticket

What are the JIRA Requirements for using the Desk.com JIRA Integration?

Our JIRA Integration has the following requirements:
  • You must be using JIRA 5;
  • You must use the onPremise install of JIRA;
  • You must have an Issue Type of "Bug" in your JIRA implementation (this is the issue created by default)
  • and you must not have any required custom fields to create a bug, other than the default required fields of Issue Type and Summary
Customers who are hosting their own JIRA 5 (onPremise) installations can use the Desk.com integration to facilitate escalating customer requests into JIRA issues.

Steps to Connect JIRA to Desk.com

There are three easy steps to connect JIRA to Desk.com:

  1. Create a JIRA Application Link to allow Desk.com to Create JIRA Issues
  2. Configure Desk.com to Create JIRA Issues
  3. Log into the Agent and Create an Issue

Creating a JIRA Application Link
You will create an Incoming Application Link in JIRA to receive requests from Desk.com.

First, you'll need to generate a public key using a Terminal prompt:

Generating JIRA RSA-SHA1 Keys

openssl genrsa -out jira.pem 1024
openssl rsa -in jira.pem -pubout -out jira.pub

In this example, jira.pem is the private key file; and jira.pub is the public key.

(If you need more information on this step, please ask your JIRA or System Admin)

To add and configure OAuth authentication for an incoming application link in JIRA:


  1. Log in as a system administrator and go to the administration page. Click 'Application Links' in the administration menu. The 'Configure Application Links' page will appear, showing the application links that have been set up. Go ahead and add a new application link and specify your Desk.com server:

  2. When you click Next, you'll see the following screen:

    Click "Create" to create the Application link.
  3. Click the 'Incoming Authentication' tab. The incoming authentication page will be displayed, along with the OAuth tab

    (Note - you'll need to contact your JIRA admin to obtain your JIRA Public Key)

  4. Click the 'Enable' button to enable OAuth authentication for the incoming link. The remote application will be automatically set up to be the 'consumer' and your local application as a 'service provider'.

Connecting the JIRA Integration to Desk.com

After you create and configure your JIRA Application Link, you will connect the integration in the Desk.com Admin.

Visit Settings > Integrations > JIRA

Then, click Connect to JIRA

Here, you'll enter the the JIRA Site URL, JIRA Consumer Key, JIRA Private Key, and JIRA Project key that you created in your Application Link.

When you've finished entering this information, click Connect to connect your JIRA Integration to Desk.com.

You should see a screen like this one letting you know that you've connected successfully:


Note: if you've customized your Desk.com Case template you'll need to add


This integration will now allow you to create new JIRA issues in your JIRA project from your Desk.com case, and you'll then see a direct link to your JIRA case inside of your Desk.com case. In addition, your JIRA case will be populated with a Direct Case Link to your Desk.com case.

The default JIRA issue type created is "Bug"; if you don't have that issue type in your JIRA installation no issue will be created.