Add Video and Images to your Support Center

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Overview of Adding Video and Images


Embedding Videos

Note: You will need to have scripting enabled (whitelisted) by sending an email to requesting that scripting be enabled for your site. You'll know that scripting isn't enabled if you see a red outline around your content when you try and save.

  1. Go to the site that hosts your video, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This following example uses Vimeo. From there, copy the "embed code" for your video provided by the video hosting site. It will generally look something like the below example:

  1. Return to the editor. Click on the Source button which will show the HTML of your article. Paste the video embed code in the area of the article you’d like it to appear.

Once you've placed the video, click the Source button again to go back to the visual editor. Depending on the embed code used you'll either see a preview of what the embedded video will look like or a blank iframe.

Embedded Vimeo iframe in

Embedding Images

There are a few different ways to include images into Support Center articles. When looking at an article in the editor, click on the image icon:

This will bring up the image editor. From here you have options: upload an image to, embed an image hosted on another server, or browse through images you have already uploaded to your library. 


If you’d like your image to be hosted on, you can upload it. From the image editor, click Upload. Choose the file you’d like to upload then click Send it to the Server.

External Images

If you have images hosted on another server—whether it’s a server of your own, or a photo hosting service such as Flickr, Photobucket, etc.—click on Image Info in the image editor.  

Just paste the link of the image into the address bar. You'll see a preview of the image, and have the option to change the dimensions of the image: 

Image Info/Your Library

If you’ve previously uploaded images to your site and you’d like to include one, click on Image Info and then Browse Server

This will pull up a window with all of the images residing on the server. Select one. 

Image Info

Regardless of which method you choose above, once your image has been input, uploaded, or selected, clicking on the Image Info section will allow you to customize portions of the image such as dimensions, alignment, and more. 


Note: for more advanced options, click on the Advanced section. 


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