View Knowledge Base Content as an RSS feed

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Tracking updates to your Support Center articles is crucial to maintaining a first-class knowledge base. offers a great way to efficiently track revisions to tens or hundreds of articles with an RSS feed.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed for a topic you can track updates to articles under that topic. If you subscribe to an RSS service, you will receive emails with every update.

Let's subscribe to a topic via RSS feed:

  1. Navigate to a topic of interest on your support site. In this example, we'll subscribe to a topic called Agents on the support site

  1. Navigate to the topic Agent and right click to "Copy Link Address" (Make sure you are clicking on a Topic and not an Article)
  1. Because our site is heavily customized by using brands for Topics. You would want to remove the "?b_id=6373" reference at the end of the url (You shouldn't run into this issue on your Desk site)
  2. Now append ".rss" to the end of the URL
  3. It should read:


  1. Hit "Enter" and depending on the browser you are using, you may be prompted to choose an RSS service. Chrome users will see this XML file. Now you can track topic updates!