Setting up a Twitter Channel

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Connect your Twitter account to and handle cases created from Direct Messages, @replies, and mentions. You can also build rules and macros specifically for Twitter cases, as well as set up filters to gather your Twitter cases in one view. 

Have a look at this video that will walk you through the setup for how to integrate with Twitter, or you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to AdminChannelsTwitter > Add Twitter Account

  1. Authorize the app with Twitter. If you're already logged into Twitter, the Authorize app button​ will appear. Confirm that you're authorizing the correct Twitter account. If you're not logged into your Twitter account, you will be prompted to log in as part of the authorization process.

  1. Once you've authorized the app, you'll be taken back to your account to finish the process.  Click Add Twitter Account.

Note: If you do not see the correct Twitter account here, please make sure you are logged into the Twitter account you wish to link with Desk in the same browser. 

     4.  If you add multiple Twitter accounts, you can select a Default Reply Account from the dropdown. 


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