R - Displaying translated content in your Help Center

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Note: This feature requires the Premium Plan or above.

Setting Up Your Multilingual, Customer-Facing Help Center

You decide what content (what Topics and Articles from the Knowledge Base) your customers see in the Help Center--and in what languages.

Enabling your Help Center to Display Translated Content
To allow your Desk.com Help Center, you can use the following steps.
  1. Create a new Help Center template (or edit the existing one) and review the changes in your Desk.com Help Center.
  2. A drop-down will appear on your home page and a user can select the language template they want to appear when viewing your support center.

How to view your translated content

Translated content is viewable within the Help Center version specific to that language.

If you’re using the basic Desk.com Help Center template, you may see the drop-down to select content language immediately when you enable the Multilingual feature.

If you’ve customized your Desk.com Help Center template, you may need to add a new Desk.com Help Center template, and then apply your formatting changes to the new template to be able to view multi-lingual content in the Desk.com Help Center.

Once a customer selects a language in your Desk.com Help Center, he or she will get the language-specific version of your Help Center, and the Help Center search will return results only from content and topics localized to that language.

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