Using translated content when responding to customers

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Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or above.

If you've created multilingual content in your articles, you can use this translated content when you reply to customers. will use the Customer or Case Language preference as the first option when you insert this multilingual-enabled content into a Case.

If the Customer Has Already indicated a Preferred Language

The Case Language field will be set automatically when the customer submits a case using the Help Center.

In addition, there is Customer Language field allowing you to specify a preferred language for that customer.

When the language is set in the case, will use this version of the Knowledge Base article when inserted manually by the agent or via a macro. If the article is not available in the Case Language of the customer, the default article content will be inserted.

You can also use a Business Rule to set the Customer Language for a customer or a Case Language for that case.

If the Customer Has Not Already Indicated a Preferred Language

You can either use a macro to set the Case Language and insert the content, or set the Case Language and then insert the content - the case will be aware of the change in the case language.

Then, the previous behavior applies - use the "Add as Text" option from the Knowledge Base or insert an article using a Macro and the system will insert the translated content provided that a translated content version of this article is available in the Knowledge Base.

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