How to Send an Email Notification For a New Interaction

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Using Rules and Notifications enables you to send agents an email whenever a new interaction is received in a case. This means whenever a customer replies, agents are notified via email and can immediately reply to that customer.

This is a standard Rule in new accounts. You'll find it under Admin >  Cases > Rules > Inbound Interactions > New Interaction Notification. Since this Rule is disabled by default, toggle it to the 'On' position.

If you accidentally delete a Rule, you can always create a new one. Let's look at the design of the New Interaction Notification Rule as an example for creating other Rules.

To start off with, we will create a Rule that sends your system default notification to your users. The system default automatically sends an email to the assigned agent. If there is no assigned agent it sends an email to all members of the assigned group. 

Creating your Rule

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Rules > Inbound Interaction
  2. Enter a name for the Rule and click the Add button.
  3. Configure the rule as follows:

Since there are no conditions specified in this rule, it will simply trigger whenever a new interaction is received by the system. 

Once you've followed those steps and enabled your new Rule, you'll automatically be sending notification emails to your agents. 

Customizing your Notifications

​If you wanted to change that functionality, you'll want to create a custom Notification. For example, you may wish to only send notifications to certain agents or groups. This can be done by modifying what is contained in the To field of the Notification Theme or further customization can be achieved by adding some new conditions to the above rule, for example “Case Assigned Group”, or “Case Assigned Agent” can be used as ALL or ANY conditions to further filter out users from receiving these Notifications. Check out this article: Creating a custom notification template for further information.