Using the Outbox Filter

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console.

The Outbox filter is a pre-defined filter in the Classic Agent console that shows you outbound interactions and lets you know whether these cases are sending successfully or whether (in rare cases) they do not send successfully.

You can use this filter to review the progress of outgoing interactions. The Outbox filter uses the outbound interaction status of "sending" or "error" to alert you to cases that are in the process of sending or have entered an error state.

Where can I find the Outbox Filter?

For existing sites before August 2012, the Outbox Filter is enabled by default. If the Filter is not enabled and you want to turn on the Filter manually, then you can do so under Admin > Cases > Filters > Outbox > Toggle to ON.
Most of the cases you will find in this filter, are emails in the process of sending. 

If you look closely at these cases when they are sending, you'll see an email envelope icon with an ellipsis:

How will I know when errors occur?

Errors in the email outbox filter are rare. When you see them, they will appear with a special icon and a pink background to alert you to see that there is an error, as shown below:

When you open a case having this error, you'll see a link to review or dismiss the error:
What are some reasons to why you might be seeing an error?
When errors occur, there are a few common reasons to why they might be happening.

Example #1: The email didn’t send because you hit an email quota limit.
Some email services limit the number of emails you can send within an hour or within a day. When this happens, your email doesn’t send immediately. Until now, you would have no way of knowing there was a problem. More information on how to get around this error, is detailed here.
Example #2: The email server wants you to prove you’re human. 
When servers receive unknown emails, Administrators may place a challenge on the sender (to show that they are human). When this happens, the Agent must complete a simple image test or captcha to complete the process.
Example #3: Someone has changed your email password.
Sometimes an Agent may be unaware that the password on their company’s email account has been changed and therefore they can’t send a Case Reply.
When enabled, our new Outbox Filter shows a list of emails so that Agents will know to inform their Administrator of the issue.

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