Setting a Case Reminder

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If you need to follow up on a case at a later time, you can use a custom case field and business rules to automate the reminder. By doing this, you can move the case into Pending status to remove from the list of actionable cases with confidence that it will be moved back to open at the appropriate time. Here are the two steps to set up a Case Reminder in

Step 1:  Create a Custom Reminder Field

Create a custom field with the different reminder periods you want to be able to set cases aside for.

Step 2: Create a Rule to Re-Open the Case

Create a new Time Rule rule that sets the status to open. The rule should look like this:

Copy the rule for each reminder period with the appropriate time since pending:
  • 1 Day = 24 Hours
  • 1 Week = 168 Hours
  • 1 Month ≈ 720 Hours

Tip: To automatically set the case status to pending when setting the "Case Follow Up" field, create the following "Case Updated" rule. 

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