Merging Customers

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console. For Next Gen customer merge, please follow this guide: Customer Merge.  

If a customer has sent you multiple cases from different email addresses, they'll have multiple records. You can merge those records one at a time from the Customer Tab—allowing you to create a unified customer history. Merging customers combines the two contacts and associates all the cases from both contacts under the single combined customer.

If you only want to change the customer association for a single case, you'll want to use our change customer feature.

Note: Merging a customer is a permanent change. This cannot be undone.

​How to merge 2 customer records

Step 1: Access the customer's record.  You can access the customer record by:

Select the customer tab while working on a case sent from one of the customers

OR open the customer record from a customer search

Step 2: Once you've selected the customer and a case, select the merge option at the bottom of the customer tab in that case:

Step 3: You will see a list of suggested customers with the same name, or you can search using the customer search syntax.

Step 4: If the two customers you're merging have conflicting information, choose which information to keep:

Step 5: Choose Merge and let create a single customer record with all the cases in one place.

Merging customers can take a few minutes (especially if there are lots of cases) and won't start until the case you are working on is closed.  The status of the merge is shown on the top toolbar. You'll want the associated case to be closed. If there are any warnings you'll see them by clicking on the status icon.