Step 1: Setting up the Salesforce to Desk Integration

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These instructions will show you how to setup the integration between and Salesforce. If you are using our newer integration method Desk Connect to integrate Salesforce with your Desk site, please reference our Desk Connect article.

Note: This integration does not connect to a Salesforce Sandbox.

Here is a short video showing you the procedure:

You can also follow these step by step instructions:
  1. Go to Admin > SettingsIntegrationsSalesforce Integration


  2. Now click on "Connect to Salesforce"

    When you click on this you will be ask to log into Salesforce, you need to be a System Admin for your Salesforce org for this step.You need a System Admin to log into your Salesforce org for this step.

    If you are already logged into your Salesforce org in another tab then you won't be asked to log in. You may be asked to allow Desk to access certain content in Salesforce. If so, select "Allow"
  3. So once you have entered the Admin credentials in the Salesforce login screen you will be returned back to the integration screen:

  4. Now click on "here" or Right Click on the link to open it in a new tab:

    This will bring directly through the AppExchange and to the Package itself to install into your Salesforce Org.
  5. You will now see the Package Installation Details, now click on "Continue":

  6. The next screen is just informational telling you the object permissions, so scroll down and click on "next"
  7. Now depending on what version of Salesforce your Org is on you may see the Security Screen, please make sure you select "Grant access to all users":

    Then click on "Next"
  8. Finally click on "Install":

    The install process takes about a minute depending on your internet connection and the load on the servers, but it's pretty fast.

    Once the package has been installed you'll see this screen:

  9. Now click on "setup"

    The go over to the Left hand side and expand Security Controls and then click on Remote Site Settings:

    Now click on New Remote Site:

    Then configure the remote site:

    Then click on "Save"
  10. The last step is to enter your authentication credentials.

    So click on the blue drop down menu in the upper right corner and click on

    Now you'll see the configuration screen:

    For your Site value just enter the domain - NO PROTOCOL. This is very important. If you are using a custom CNAME then you would enter that.

    For your Client Key and Client Secret you need to open a tab, if you have closed it, and go back to the integration screen:

    Admin >  Settings > Integrations > Salesforce

    Now just flip back and forth between screens copying and pasting the data.

    Now click on "Save"

    Now Authenticate the connection so you can create Desk cases from within Salesforce

    Then click on the checkbox to Grant Access, and then click on Save:

You have now installed the integration, the next step of configuring the integration and setting the standard rules is even easier

The following articles will guide you in a step-by-step process for the Salesforce to integration:

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