Enable Filter-Based Routing

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Case Routing allows the system to automatically deliver new cases to Agents as they come into Desk.com from all your channels, based on priority and Agent availability. Filter based routing is a great feature that takes any Filter you have setup in Desk, and gives the option for Agents to turn on routing for any Case that comes into that Filter.

This means you can get fancy with the types of Cases that are Routed. For example, if you have a Filter setup to show only Cases with a certain Custom Field, then you can also Route just those Cases in that Filter to your Agents.

Turning on filter-based case routing involves a couple of steps in both the Admin and Agent console.

  1. Go to: Admin > Case Management > Agents. In the Case Routing field, you can enable routing for all cases, or for specific filters. To enable filter-based routing, choose By Case Filter and save your changes.


  1. In the Admin, go to: Case Management > Filters. Click the pencil icon in the field of the desired filter. In the Edit Filter pop-up, toggle Allow Routing to 'on' and save your changes. Now proceed to either the Classic or Next Gen Agent console. The final steps differ depending on which agent console you choose. We'll outline the steps for both agent consoles below.

If you're using the Classic Agent, proceed here with step #3. If you're using Next Gen Agent, skip to step #5.

  1. Classic Agent: Click the arrow next to the agent’s name in the upper right-hand corner, and select Settings. Under General, go to Start Routing on Login, and select the desired filter to activate. Click Update Settings and you're done!

  1. The routing control now appears near the top-right of the screen. Click Start Routing and new cases will start coming in. The Play/Pause button under Assigned Cases controls filters that have been enabled for routing. Clicking the Play button, cases will be routed according to that filter’s default configuration. After resolving a case, the Agent can click Pause and cases will be routed to other Agents.

  1. Next Gen Agent: After configuring and enabling the filter for routing in the Admin (step #2), log into the Next Gen console. A Play/Pause button will be to the left of the configured filter under Case Filters in the left-hand navigation. Click the Play button to start routing cases. After resolving a case, the Agent can click Pause and new cases will be routed to other Agents.

For more information about case routing, view options, and working routed cases, click here.