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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console. There is a Next Generation version of this article. See Agent Desktop Search. allows you to search for cases to find specific matches for your needs. Rather than just searching for basic keywords you can get more specific by searching the subject of cases, or between specific dates. You can also use the visual search to get specific without getting tangled in the syntax. 

Common Search Example Syntax

The following are common examples of the types of searches you might try to create in a case search or filter.

Keyword Input Filter
subject:apple Searches field subject for text containing ‘apple’
desc:orange Searches field description for text containing ‘orange’
custom_[custom field name]:pear
(i.e. custom_fruit: pear)
Searches your custom field for text containing ‘pear’
banana Searches across all fields (subject, desc, custom) for text containing ‘banana’
(banana AND pear) Searches across all fields for text containing both ‘banana’ and ‘pear’. 
banana pear Searches across all fields for text containing either ‘banana’ or ‘pear’.
subject:"apple pie" Searches subject for the matching phrase ‘apple pie’
subject:apple pie Searches subject for text containing ‘apple’ and all fields for text containing ‘pie’
subject:"apple pie" AND desc:orange Searches subject for the phrase ‘apple pie’ and description containing the text ‘orange’
subject:"apple pie" NOT subject:cherry Searches subject for the phrase "apple pie" and excludes those that contain the text 'cherry'
label:"!VIP" Searches for cases that do NOT have the "VIP" label
company:Acme Searches for company

The above examples illustrate common uses within Full details of the available search syntax can be found here:

Note: to execute an "AND" search in the Case Search, enclose the terms in parentheses, e.g. (banana AND pear)

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