Auto Acknowledgements versus Notifications

Last Updated - has two formats for automatically sending messages out to the system through Business Rules without agent involvement. 

Auto-acknowledgments (also known as auto-replies) are emails sent from when triggered by a Business Rule and are most often sent to customers upon creating a case.

Notifications are emails sent from when triggered by a Business Rule and are typically used to notify internal employees of changes in a case. They can also be used to notify a larger group of internal employees or a distribution list of aging cases, escalations, and unusual case requests.
Here's a guide to highlight to navigate the differences between the two and how to edit them

Auto Acknowledgement


Designed for External Use. Most commonly used to send a response back to the customer upon receipt of a case in the system Designed for Internal Use. Most commonly used to notify others in the organization that a case has been assigned to them
Only available for use on an Inbound Interaction Rule Available for all rules
By default, the body contains auto_ack snippet to thank customer for their message By default, the body contains case information in the form of liquid variables
Sent from Default Mailbox Mailbox can be selected when editing the template
Thread to message history so responses from customer remain part of the case Doesn’t thread to message history so response from customer creates a new case
Accessed in Admin --> Channels --> E-mail --> Auto Acknowledgements Accessed in Admin --> Case Management --> Notifications

The full list of snippets, or text short cuts, that you can use to edit your templates, can be found here: List of Snippets


Creating and Customizing Notifications and Auto-Acknowledgements

For information about setup and customization of both Notifications and Auto-Acknowledgements please see the below for further reading:

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